According to statistics, only 13% of the construction industry consists of women and only 1% of these women actually work on construction sites. Experts believe that more women should join this industry. Here are five reasons why.

Well paid job

The construction industry is growing and the jobs here are well paid. In many countries, it is the best paying industry. So, women can get a chance to earn more by getting a job in this sector.

Passion for building

Sometimes, people have a great passion for building stuff. You can apply your creativity to transform your idea into something real. So, the construction industry has lots of scopes to demonstrate your creative skills.

Career progression

In the construction industry, there is an opportunity for career progression. You won’t be stuck into one job role for a long time. You can move to better roles within the industry. For example, you can start your career as an apprentice, and within months you can become a supervisor.

Transferable skills

The skills you learn in the construction industry can be applied in other sectors as well. You can also use them in your home. So, you have the scope to work in other sectors in case you want to move away from the construction industry.

Feeling of achievement

The feeling of being able to build something is amazing. You will feel good about the fact that you have created something. You will get the feeling of achievement very often when you work in the construction industry.

By joining the construction industry you will not only help this sector to advance but also get into a very exciting career. You will have great satisfaction with your job in this sector.