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About Women Into Construction

We are a non-profit organization supporting women in the home building and construction sector. We facilitate women’s role in construction related fields like building products, engineering, architect, interior design, etc. Though the number of women in this sector has increased over the past few years, men still dominate the sector. Our objective is to get more women into this highly demanding field.

Our members consist of companies and individuals who are part of the construction sector. These include architectural and engineering companies, real estate professionals, trade associations, interior designers, and others. We organize different types of outreach programs and networking events to promote women’s role in the construction sector.

We believe that women’s participation in the construction industry to help to move this sector forward. There is a forum on this blog where members of the association can exchange ideas and information. Through this blog, women will be able to expand their networks and improve their knowledge about the construction industry.

We want to help promote construction as a viable career path for all women and see will regularly bring you our latest news, views and insights to help more women enter this exciting career.